What can that tiny gizmo be used for well take a look at the hunter first and how they can put it to use. All hunters need to carry that small tool package with them as it has all the tools right in one convenient location for whatever may come up while there in the field. This little minute packet will fit nicely by their side and is readily accessible at anytime. So if there is a hunter in the house that mini pack would fit right inside nicely as a great gift idea.

Don’t leave that fisherman out of the equation if there is a fisherman in the house, this small toolbox could also serve many purposes. Look at all those lures that the fisherman is working with and what happens when the fisherman gets that big tangle and needs to use a knife or pliers to cut the snag loose well there it is by their side the handy small package. This small toolbox will fit right into the equation for that fisherman in the house.

Also take a look if there is a farmer in the house and how it can be great use for them on a daily basis. Just think farmers are always cutting something or working on something and if they can have this great little toolbox at their hands, wow it would make their life so much easier and faster. So if you have a farmer in the house then it can be well seen how great of an idea this would be for them.

Usually beginners like you ask their teacher to supply them with a basic polymer clay toolbox! What are the basic things you need so you can begin working with polymer clay? It can be confusing – after all, it seems like you can use pretty much everything in your toolbox but before investing in every tool, it is nice to go over the most basic toolbox.

A work surface – This protects your table top and provides a good flat working surface. Ceramic tile, marble, tempered glass, formica – all of these are good surfaces. Formica is preferable. It is very lightly textured so the clay will be easily lifted off of it without sticking and stretching. Some very soft clays will benefit from the coolness of marble. If you live in Arizona and it is 90 degrees, marble is a very good choice!  https://www.proflocanada.ca/
Blades – A long, flat blade is a definite necessity. Not a craft knife or a wallpaper scraper blade, but a razor-sharp blade for cutting is what you’ll need. Many manufacturers sell these blades now in the polymer clay section of most any craft and hobby store. The preferred blade is the Nublade – it’s rigid and sharp.
Acrylic rod – To pre-flatten your clay you should use an acrylic rod. The clay you might use could be stiff and if you pre-flatten clay from the package – before you run the clay through the pasta machine – conditioning is not only much faster but it also saves wear and tear on your pasta machine.
Pasta Machine – You should consider the pasta machine to be a necessary tool in this basic toolbox. You should not imagine working without one! Conditioning the clay, rolling flat sheets, it’s such a time saver, and makes so many tasks so much easier and faster. It lowers your frustration level! The best machines can be quite expensive so you may decide to make a small investment in a less expensive machine (use a coupon at Michaels or Hobby Lobby). This investment can be as low as $20. If you catch the polymer clay bug, you’ll invest in a better machine.
Needle Tools – For drilling holes in beads or even cutting shapes, you will need a sharp needle tool. The preference is the Kemper Pro Tool. The needle comes straight out of the handle so you will drill straight through any mass of clay.
Scalpel or Craft knife – This is what you’ll use to cut out shapes from a flat sheet of clay and for fine trimming.
Curing – Also, you should have a dedicated oven but that’s not what you’ll want right off the bat. Buy an aluminum pan, fill it with baking soda or polyester batting and slide it into an oven roasting bag. This is a curing chamber that you will slide right into your home oven and will keep out-gassing from collecting on the sides of your oven (it will collect in the bag!)


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