We all know that property prices come under pressure in an economic downturn but Slovenia Property, now offers outstanding value and some advantages¬† which will see investors see solid long term gains… mm.hr

Slovenia is a small compact country about the size of Switzerland at the heart of Europe and has borders with Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. It maybe only a small country but it has diverse beauty with something for everyone.

There are soaring mountains, dense alpine forests, stunning lakes, rolling hills and valleys dotted with vineyards and even an unspoilt piece of Adriatic coastline.

One of the main reasons why Slovenia property is a good investment long term is tourism. As any economic recession bites, people will look for cheaper destinations and a good example of this is in skiing property. Slovenia is within easy reach of the slopes of Italy and Austria but offers better value for money and the skiing is just as good. In addition, you can ski in all three countries on one single pass.

Property near the ski resorts and popular holiday destinations such as Bled and Bohinj will offer good long term growth and solid rental incomes.

Buying a property in Slovenia is straightforward and the process is designed to protect both buyers and sellers, so overseas investors can buy with confidence.

There are many Slovenia Estate agents who offer a service designed to help foreign investors buy and who can take care of everything – from finance to legal advice.

So if you want an investment property or holiday home, in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, where property prices are great value and the outlook for long term growth is solid, now is the time to consider Slovenia.

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