It is not wrong to get excited about something you love. That is also the reason why it isn’t wrong to rant about something you loved. Judging is one of the most instinctive qualities we all have. More often than not, when something stands up to your expectations, you naturally prefer to share it with friends and family members. Some people are used to raving more than others, because they cannot hide their excitement or disappointment. Some people do it less often. The honesty behind someone’s raves is usually judged by how often they appreciate something.

Raves are not just about appreciating something or showing your frustration. Given that we are social animals, we are defined by our ability and need to communicate with each other. What makes us happy and what doesn’t is always top of the list, when it comes to what kind of information we share with others. This communication is at the base of human relationships. We often define friends and loved ones as those people with whom we can freely and frankly get things off our chest.

There are a lot of people who rant about certain things; whether it is about a movie they have watched recently, music they have listened, sports they have played, places they have visited or even friends they have made. This could also be an emotional requirement to seek approval from others. This approval could be about the intellectual abilities of the person, characteristic traits, physical attributes or personal qualities and talent. We rave about things to tell others how much we were moved by a certain entity and then expect them to tell us if we are thinking on the right lines or doing something impressive. At the end of the day, communication unburdens the heart and mind, and ranting is just a way of doing it.

By yanam49

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