There has been some confusion regarding the use of the word ‘scientologist’ and even who constitutes being a scientologist.

The Religious Technology Center (RTC), holder of various copyrights and trademarks on behalf of the Church of Scientology, it seems is attempting to monopolize the word and restrict it’s use to those people whom they consider are in good standing as members of the officially registered Church of Scientology and that anyone who is not considered by that same church as in good standing with them, regardless of the reason why, cannot call themselves a scientologist. Although they do NOT hold a trademark or copyright over the use of the word, this does not stop them attempting to blur the issue and give the apparency that the word is copyright, they call it a ‘collective mark’. A dubious term at best and an outright lie at worst.

Of course one could ask the question, why would anyone want to call themselves scientologists? Perhaps for the same reason that a Christian calls themselves a Christian or a Muslim calls themselves a Muslim or a Hindi calls themselves a Hindi or a Buddhist calls themselves a Buddhist. Because they chose to announce their faith by demonstrating what they believe in to the world.

It requires no copyright, trademark or ‘thou shalt not call oneself a scientologist unless we say you can’t.’ It has nothing to do with any particular orthodox church. Indeed, there are established Jewish people by birth or religion that call themselves Jewish yet are not a member of any orthodox Jewish order. To call oneself an Orthodox Jew may require one to participate in the practices of the orthodox Jewish order. There is also the reform Jewish Church or movement. The Orthodox does not bring legal proceedings against the reform church because they call themselves Jewish. Perhaps we should call ourselves reform scientologists? In most of the countries of the world a person is entitled to call themselves whatever they wish in relation to their beliefs. And publicly state so as well.

Now the scientology religion has an orthodox, if you will, church. This was set up by L Ron Hubbard, the founder in order to effectively disseminate the technology and philosophy he developed. He pointed out, on several occasions and in many written issues, that in order to achieve the results of applying the technology he developed, it needs to be understood fully and applied in the exact manner he proscribed. Part of ensuring this was done was the establishment of a church to act as a custodian for the technology so that it was not altered or perverted resulting in less or no results through misunderstanding and misapplication.

Unfortunately, since the demise of Ron Hubbard, ‘changes’ to the technology and the application have been made that violate this principle. Some of these may be found documented in varous websites. In fact it is said now that the ‘orthodox’ church intends to rewrite all of L. Ron Hubbard’s work, including the original Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health on the possible basis that the public are too stupid to understand it. This, if true, would be a radical and major departure from the ‘original scriptures’, as the church likes to call them in court. So what philosophy is the church protecting?

At this point a very brief summary of the structure of the church would be beneficial. A the top of the lucrative fiscal food chain you have Church of Spiritual Technology (CST). Contrary to the name this is not a church but a privately owned corporation..

Corp Id Number: C1074287

Date of Incorporation: 5/28/1982

Registered Name:




Agent for Service of Process:




The CST owns the Religious Technology Center (RTC), another privately owed business, which owns some trademarks and copyrights somehow acquired at or around the death of the Founder L. Ron Hubbard. They license these trademarks and copyrights to the Church of Scientology international who have first rights to the use of the trademarks and copyrights but legally and, if felt so disposed, could rescind this license at anytime.

So the Church of Scientology does not actually own the copyrights or trademarks it uses, but pays a private company for the right to use them. This amounts to millions of dollars per year. Being a private company no financial statements or balance sheets are issued by the CST at any time. The directors are, for the most part, NOT scientologists. Their directors fees are not disclosed and the use of the many millions of dollars obtained is not disclosed either.


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