The world of ecommerce has been expanding at a great pace. It seems as if the real world of commerce would be extinct in some it looking at the pace with which the people are shifting from the real to the virtual world of trade. There are zillions or websites on the internet. If you are adding one more to it, it would be like adding a drop of water in the ocean, unless you would do every thing to get the interest visibility.

The simple rule of online business is to be visible. The sites of the businesses which don’t have the online visibility would sink like Titanic. There are various online marketing tools which help these websites have a visibility like- search engine optimization, blogging, link building, social networking, affiliate marketing, URL directories and like.

If you have just entered the world of ecommerce and have started with the internet marketing drive, the first thing you need to do is to get your site listed in the URL directory. Like we have the business directory, which has the information of various businesses in the real world; the same we have a URL directory for the online world of commerce. This would have the URL’s of various businesses listed under a particular category. If you are selling hard drives through your website, you could submit your URL in the URL directory under the technical category.

When some one wants to know about the various kinds of dealers in hardware for computers would get to these URL directories and see the links under the technical group. Your website’s URL being there could attract this person to get to your site. This is how this would help in internet marketing for you.

There are various URL directories that you could choose from. Some of them are free and some are the charged once. There are obvious advantages of getting your URL listed in the paid once. If you have a limited budget then you could choose the best URL directory which would charge you for the URL submission and add your URL for free in all the possible Submit URL directories.

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